Our Mission

It is our desire to make student marketing and advertising professionals look better and ridiculously prepared. Our insider knowledge about students, traditions, hot-spots, and campus advertising options allows us to recommend the right media opportunities to reach students while also saving valuable time and money. Student marketing just got easier.

More than 20 years of experience in Poland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Trusted by 150+ customers incl. best in class employers and leading brands

Access to campus (exclusive and non-exclusive)

Nationwide university network

Audience Intelligence: we have seen it all, almost

Students as a Target Group

Students are the Holy Grail among marketers. They’re young, impressionable, have yet to establish brand loyalty and they have discretionary money — albeit their parents’ — for the first time in their lives.

In short, students are consumers — hungry, excited consumers eager to flex their new financial freedom and spend. Now is the time to reach them. Call today and find out why so many companies trust PCM as the student marketing agency today!



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