Advertising at universities

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We amplify and propel today’s most relevant & exciting brands. Though students may have less expendable income than other groups, they still have discretionary money and are willing to spend it on brands that gain their attention and understand their values.

Students spend in excess of 25B PLN each year, here’s a breakdown of where they spend it: Telecommunication, Food, Clothes, Travel, Events, Cosmetics.

Advertising at universities in Poland

So how can you win over these new consumers?


Right time, right place

As with all marketing campaigns, timing is crucial to maximizing audience engagement. By paying close attention to the rhythms of university life you can take advantage of the major marketing opportunities that pop-up throughout the academic year.


Be generous

Students are establishing their spending habits whilst they are studying, making this a competitive and rewarding time to gain their custom. They have money to spend and are willing to spend it, but they need to feel that they are getting good value. Free samples, coupons, discounts and exclusive deals are all great ways to drive future purchases and encourage repeat custom.


Use creativity

Using unique approaches, with the addition of great ideas and creative strategies developed specifically for each project, we can build a campaign which draws students in and connects them with brands and products on a personal level. This approach empowers businesses to reach out to the modern student consumer group as they are forming spending habits that can last a lifetime.


Build a Bond

The relationship between your brand and your average student doesn’t stop when they graduate. The transition into post-university existence is another key moment in a student’s life when their financial situations can potentially improve for the better and they find themselves making investments that could last them for much longer than just a single term.


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